The Aggressive Child

This episode is really meant for parents of little kids. Kids who push other kids because they actually like them, but don’t know how to play with anyone because they are only 3 yrs old! The reactions of our society to aggressive kids (usually boys) range from disbelieving shock (“How could that child DO such a thing?”) to indifference (“He is just going through a stage”) but neither response is really the right one. Little guys are just raw personality and it is amazing! But that little personality needs to be formed and trained by their parents – and yes, that means you. It can be truly embarrassing to have an aggressive child, but get used to it, because your child is just beginning his work of embarrassing you! We also have some advice for kids at the other end of the spectrum -those who get picked on and pushed over. They too need to learn the right way to respond that will not teach them to be a doormat, which is not what we want our children to be. We also respond to a listener question from MP044 Criticizing your husband.