What is your Family doing this Advent?

We all know that Advent is a time of preparation. But did you know that it’s also a time of reparation?

Traditionally, Advent is like a little Lent, where we prepare for the coming of our Lord at Christmas with fasting and repentance. We see this in the first two weeks of Lent, where the second two are all about anticipation!

This little season of fasting and anticipation is a wonderful time for children! They anticipate the season SO well and are fascinated by the Nativity story. In our Advent program, we give you a collection of devotions that inspire the imaginations of children and parents alike! We’ll go through Salvation history, the Nativity story, and even ideas to celebrate some of the big feast days that brighten up this season of waiting. 

Also in our Advent program are wonderful ideas for Advent traditions. Traditions are a wonderful way to connect us to one another through space and time, and also a great way to build family culture and meaningful memories. We hope you are able to use these ideas this year, and the next and the next!

So join us this Advent! Create an environment that encourages wonder and awe at the beauty and mystery of our faith. Observe your children and open your heart to what they can teach you as your family prepares for the coming of Christ in Christmas and His coming into your hearts in a deeper way.

We look forward to sharing our family’s Advent with you!

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