Allow Christ to transform your water into wine.


Transform your ordinary marriage and family into the extraordinary.

What is Cana 90?

At the wedding feast at Cana, Jesus commanded that the stone jars be filled with water. When the servants drew out the water at His command, they found that it had become wine.

Just as at the beginning of His public ministry, Jesus commands us to fill our own jars with water, to fill our hearts and homes with meager offerings this Lenten season. And in turn, He will turn those things into the richest of wines.

This Lent and Easter, why not walk on the path of holiness that God has laid out for us?

Parents and spouses are first called to love and sacrifice within their own homes, so we designed Cana90 to challenge families to become more of who God is calling them to be: communities of life and love. We will help you choose "meager offerings" in the form of commitments to prayer, fasting, and mercy, that turn your heart towards your family. Daily emails will keep you focused and inspired. Activities will draw you deeper into relationship with your spouse and children.

Christ began His public ministry by celebrating a marriage. Allow Christ to transform your water into wine; transform your ordinary marriage and family into the extraordinary. This is what Cana90 is all about. We will walk with you for the 90 days of Lent and Easter to encourage and support your marriage and family life.

Let us begin again together this Lent.

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