Messy Family Courses

equipping families to embrace their sacred calling


A Deep Dive into Marriage & Family Life

As we get to know you, we’re hearing about your needs and sometimes, those needs go deeper than what a podcast episode or guide can address. We’ve created our courses to dive into specific issues that come up because your family matters!

During our courses, you can expect us to be all in! We clear our schedules so that we can be radically available to you and your family. You’ll receive all the tools you need to succeed and inspire real change in your marriage and family life. It’s up to you to go all in and to do the work to create BIG transformations. We’ll be right there with you every step of the way!


Dads Vs. Wild

Do you have a budding male warrior? Are you worrying about how to get on the same page with him or how to have conversations about the big changes he’ll be going through soon? Learn how you can form him in the ways…

Women Wonderfully Made

Preparing your daughter (and yourself!) for adolescence.

Family Board Meeting

We want to take your marriage and family to a whole new level. This isn’t a marriage retreat, but it is a perfect starting place especially for those couples who may be on different pages regarding finances, faith, or parenting. We can help you start these conversations productively and with unity as the goal!

Messy Family University

The school of the family is here! This course is designed to open parents up to God’s vision for marriage and family and teach them the habits that they need to transform their family life. It is part marriage renewal, part parenting course and part retreat.