The Most Important Job You'll Ever Love

Parenting has always been a challenge, but today it is harder than ever.  Technology, the fast pace of our modern world, lack of community, and a secular culture which is undermining not just our values, but our very right to form and educate our children. Plus, parents are all exhausted!!

As you confront these difficulties, a parent’s job can seem overwhelming.  But let us put your mind at ease – it is not your job to turn your kids into saints, it’s actually their job to turn YOU into a saint!  God created these children and gave them to you, and we believe God never calls us to a task that He does not provide the grace to accomplish.  So, by God’s grace, you can be the parent He has called you to be!  And we can help.  

4 Min Listen

Truths Every Parents Needs to Hear

Learn about some of our core beliefs on parenting.  

      • Kids are uniquely designed to teach us self-sacrifice, unconditional love and complete dependence on God like nothing else.  
      • We need to learn to see behind the eyes of the child. Children do not wake up in the morning planning on how to defy you, annoy you, or destroy your home (though sometimes it’s hard to believe that!).  
      • Discipline is an act of love.  Learn how to change your heart to love your child while forming them. 
      • Siblings are the training ground for future relationships.  This is where kids learn the most.  Parents draw the outline of a child’s life, while siblings color in the lines.  
      • Children need “rites of passage” as they mature.  There are different needs children have in each stage of development.

We are here to offer encouragement and set realistic expectations for you, especially if you never had an experience of a vibrant Christian family life, or if you are not familiar with how to raise children at all. Just remember – you don’t have to be perfect.  The reality is that parenting and family life is messy.

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MFP 293: What To Do When Your Kids Lie

75 Min Listen

MPF 292: Managing Kids Activities

48 Min Listen

Creating a United Front for Your Kids – Parenting as a Team

62 Min Listen

Training for Virtue and Giving Freedom

58 Min Listen

Tech Traps for Boys and Girls

50 Min Listen

Is Your Child Addicted to Screens?

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