Want to be an amazing parent? Be an exceptional spouse.

There is no sacrament of motherhood or fatherhood. What sustains your family life is your marriage. Your marriage is the primary relationship in the home, and everyone needs to know it, through how you treat each other, speak of each other, and work together. Children are not meant to be the center of the family. All of us should learn from the very beginning that we are part of a community of love: that’s the family’s mission. And marriage should be the center of the family. Instead of arguing over the “perfect” way of handling situations, recognize that it’s better for you to be wrong together than right alone. If you have to choose one way to go, choose to go with your spouse. That is more important than the perfect plan.

We know this can be tough: over 25 years of marriage have taught us that! And we're not meant to do it alone! We strongly believe that every couple needs someone who is just a few steps ahead of them in life to help guide, mentor and encourage along the way. That's what we hope this ministry is for you: an encouragement from a couple who's a few (or more!) steps along this path of marriage and family.

Date Nights

We started offering these during quarantine, and we had so much fun we kept doing it! It’s vital to marriage to keep on dating your spouse, and our date nights make that easy, and fun. Put the kids to bed, set up the computer in your living room, light the candles, pour some wine, and log on for a virtual date night! Learn more below.