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Family Board Meeting Course
Get reinspired and reenergized in your family life! Join us for our LIVE course in April. Registrations now open.Learn More

Join us for the Easter Season!

Join us for Cana90 this Easter Season
Cana90, our Lent and Easter program, is perfect for couples to grow during Lent and for families to strengthen their family culture during Easter. There's still time to join us for encouragement and ideas!Sign up for Cana90
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We serve messy families!

We believe that being a good parent starts with being a great spouse. But being a good parent or even a great spouse is hard, messy work. And we're not meant to do it alone! So join us on this journey, because we believe that not only is marriage and family life a path to holiness, but it’s an incredible adventure!

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3 Part Guide: Strengthening Your Marriage
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Guide to Discipline: Sanity & Sanctity While Forming Kids
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Growing a Family Culture: Increase the Power of Your Parenting
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When it comes to marriage and family, no one does it perfectly. But we can all learn how to do it better. Life is messy, but messy is the path to holiness. Join our member community and get access to all our courses and resources.

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Join Us In Empowering Families To Live Out Their Sacred Calling

We believe nothing is as important as strengthening the family. As we renew the family, we will transform the world. Please consider joining us in this vital mission.