Messy Family Podcast : Catholic Conversations on Marriage and Family
Messy Family Podcast : Catholic Conversations on Marriage and Family
MPF 289: Fr. Mike Schmitz on Parenting and Marriage

Parenting isn’t about doing everything perfectly.  It’s about showing up over and over again no matter what.  



Some may question how a celibate man could have wisdom for husbands and wives, let alone parents.  But in this interview with Fr. Mike Schmitz, host of the Bible in a Year podcast, we think everyone will agree that his insights are awesome! Drawing from his own family experience as well as his role as a spiritual father, Fr. Mike shares with us how to love children who have fallen away from the church, the importance of your marriage to your walk with God, and why you actually don’t need to have the perfect plan for your family. In this conversation we laughed and cried as we reflected on the beauty and difficulties of life in a family (with some special shoutouts to middle children!).  Listen in as we have an honest and inspiring talk with a priest whose ministry has blessed so many.  

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Introduction and Fundraising Campaign (0:00 – 4:04) Interview with Father Mike Schmitz Begins (4:04 – 5:09) Father Mike Schmitz’s Background (5:09 – 7:02) Parenting and Family Life (7:02 – 13:23) Insights on Parenting and Perfection (13:23 – 18:13) Parental Sacrifice and Consistency (00:19:32 – 00:21:28) Parental Influence and Decision-Making (00:21:28 – 00:23:42) Navigating Marital Challenges (00:23:43 – 00:27:37) Spiritual Fatherhood (00:37:06 – 00:38:41) Parenting Journey and Impact (00:38:42 – 00:41:36) Understanding Parental Heartache (00:46:43:18 – 00:47:31:20) Dealing with Children Leaving Faith (00:47:31:22 – 00:48:57:00) Parental Support and Communication (00:50:29:03 – 00:52:37:11) Sexual Intimacy and Spirituality (00:56:53:17 – 00:58:32:06) Blessing and Spiritual Growth (01:02:14:04 – 01:03:32:18)