Messy Family Podcast : Catholic Conversations on Marriage and Family
Messy Family Podcast : Catholic Conversations on Marriage and Family
MFP 224: Not Managing Boys, But Making Men

Manhood isn’t something that simply happens to boys as they get older. It’s an achievement – something a boy accomplishes, something that can easily go awry. If we ignore the importance of this transition, and fail in our duty as parents to guide boys through it, then we will learn the hard way why traditional cultures invest this transition with so much importance. – Dr Leonard Sax

In today’s world we cannot assume that all boys will grow up to be masculine men.  But this is the task of every parent of a boy!  Parents need to recognize that boys need to be guided on the road to manhood.  It doesn’t just happen all by itself.  To give this guidance well, parents need to first realize that boys and girls have been created with different gifts.  Though a truly balanced man finds within himself both masculine and feminine qualities, parents need to start with encouraging a boy’s strengths, his masculine qualities.  Listen into this conversation as we discuss how parents can take an active role in encouraging masculinity in their sons.  


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