Creating a United Front for Your Kids – Parenting as a Team

The greatest and most important collaboration you will ever have with another person is raising a child with your spouse.

Parents come to us with discipline issues all the time and our first question is usually, “What does your spouse think about this?”  You see, the most important person to learn from is the other parent of this child you are trying to raise!  It is when moms and dads work together that the greatest power is unleashed in parenting and that is when we can do the most good for our children.  Instead of focusing on your child and their behavior, focus first on yourself, then on how you and your spouse work together, and then you can come up with the best way to love your child and form them.  Listen in to this re-release of our 2019 podcast, Parenting as a Team.  

46 Min Listen

Creating a United Front for Your Kids - Parenting as a Team

Key Takeaways

  • The best thing you can do for your children is to not focus on them, but focus on your spouse first, and them second. Prioritize your relationship! 

  • Strength is found in your differences!  Respect what each one of you brings to the table.  

  • God never meant for you to be parents alone, or even just the two of you.  He wants to give you all the grace you need if you will just ask Him for it.  


Couple Discussion Questions

  • What do you admire about how your spouse parents your kids? Tell them this.  

  • What is the biggest difference between you in how you parent?  How is this a strength? 

  • Take time this week to sit down and talk about your kids and how they are doing.  Make a plan to help them as best you can.