Spiritual Life

MPF 279: What do Families Need? Interview with Archbishop Naumann

Most of us rarely have an opportunity to sit down and talk to a priest, let alone a bishop!  We were so blessed to have a conversation with not just a bishop, but an archbishop and one who loves the Lord, loves families, and who leads with the heart of a shepherd.  Join us as we talk to Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City who shares his story of growing up without a father and how his mother and family gave him the stability and security he needed to flourish and become the man God called him to be.  He provides insights to families in our conversation along with a good dose of humor and practical encouragement.


Key Takeaways

  • Family stability and security are essential for children to flourish and fulfill their God-given potential, as Archbishop Naumann’s own upbringing exemplifies.

  • Archbishop Naumann emphasizes the importance of love, faith, and commitment within families as foundational elements for building strong communities and societies.

  • Practical encouragement and humor are valuable tools in navigating the challenges and joys of family life, as shared by Archbishop Naumann during the conversation.


Couple Discussion Questions

  1. How can we emulate the stability and security that Archbishop Naumann experienced in his upbringing within our own family dynamic?

  2. In what ways can we prioritize love, faith, and commitment within our family to strengthen our bonds and contribute positively to our community?

  3. How can we incorporate humor and practical encouragement into our family life to navigate challenges and foster a spirit of joy and resilience?

  4. Reflecting on Archbishop Naumann’s insights, what changes or adjustments can we make to our family routines or habits to better reflect our values and priorities?

  5. What lessons or inspirations can we take from Archbishop Naumann’s story to enhance our own journey as spouses and parents?