MPF 273: Tools for Family Bonding – an Interview with the Marianist Family Retreat Center

“The experience of being told by your family that you are good, loved, forgiven and worth committing to, as well as the experience of telling your family the same are gifts to be treasured.”

In this episode of the podcast, we delve into the heart of family bonding and spiritual growth with an enlightening interview with the Marianist Family. Guided by the profound core beliefs of the Marianist Family Retreat Ministry, our guests share invaluable insights into strengthening familial ties, fostering communication, and embracing forgiveness and commitment within the family unit.


Key Takeaways

  • Discover the transformative power of affirming familial love and forgiveness.
  • Embrace the teachings of Mary as a model for nurturing familial spirituality.
  • Explore the concept of discipleship of equals and its impact on family ministry.
  • Learn how community plays a vital role in nurturing familial bonds and spiritual growth.
  • Uncover the structured and unstructured opportunities for growth within the Marianist Family Retreat Program.
  • Embrace the practice of prayer and discernment in opening oneself to the gifts of the Holy Spirit within the family context.

Couple Discussion Questions

  1. How can we incorporate the teachings of Mary into our family dynamics?
  2. Reflecting on the pillars of the Marianist Family Retreats, which aspect do we feel is most crucial for our family’s growth?
  3. How can we create a balance between structured and unstructured family time to nurture spiritual growth?
  4. In what ways can we foster a sense of community within our family and extend it to the larger community?