MFP 287: Training for Virtue and Giving Freedom

In this episode, we explore the essential aspects of training for virtue and the challenging task of granting freedom to our children. We emphasize the importance of always communicating that you are on their side as a mentor, teacher, and guide, expecting mistakes along the way. We discuss the value of risking giving your child freedom, acknowledging it’s not an easy journey. Key discussion points include how to provide more freedom for kids to make good choices, understanding if teens view parents as mentors, and identifying areas needing better boundaries and more training at home. Join us for practical strategies and insights to support your children in making virtuous choices while balancing freedom and boundaries.


Key Takeaways

  • Always communicate that you are on their side as a mentor, teacher, and guide. 

  • Expect mistakes

  • Be willing to risk giving your child freedom – beware!  It’s not easy!


Couple Discussion Questions

  • How can we give our kids more freedom to make good choices? What are my fears about this? 

  • Do my teens see me as a mentor?  Why or why not.  Plan some time to talk to them about this.  

  • Where do we need better boundaries in our home?  What are the areas in which our children need more training?