MFP 275: Where do Bishops Come From? An interview with Bishop Joseph Coffey

Join Mike and Alicia Hernon on this enlightening episode of the Messy Family Podcast as they sit down for an insightful interview with Bishop Joseph Coffey of the Archdiocese of the Military (United States). Together, they explore the intriguing question, “Where do Bishops Come From?” and delve into Bishop Coffey’s personal journey of faith, discernment, and leadership within the Catholic Church.

With candor and wisdom, Bishop Coffey shares his unique perspective on the role of bishops in today’s world and offers valuable insights into the formation and responsibilities of these spiritual leaders. From his early experiences in the military to his calling to the priesthood and eventual consecration as a bishop, Bishop Coffey’s story is both inspiring and enlightening.

Throughout the conversation, Mike and Alicia engage Bishop Coffey in a wide-ranging discussion that touches on topics such as the challenges facing the Church, the importance of prayer and discernment in leadership, and the role of bishops in shepherding their flocks through turbulent times.

Whether you’re a devout Catholic seeking a deeper understanding of the Church’s hierarchy or simply curious about the journey of bishops, this episode offers a fascinating glimpse into the life and ministry of one of the Church’s spiritual leaders.