MFP 270: Part 2 of Headship – Navigating the Beautiful Chaos of Marriage

Men need to give in order to receive. Women need to receive in order to give.

Embark on the second part of the compelling discussion with Mike and Alicia Hernon on The Messy Family Podcast. In this captivating follow-up to the previous episode, “Headship – Do Wives Have to Obey?” the Hernons dive even deeper into the nuances of marital dynamics and the concept of headship.

As the Lenten season approaches, the Hernons extend an invitation to their audience, encouraging participation in the Cana 90 Lenten program designed for couples. Reflecting on the importance of embracing one’s vocation, the conversation seamlessly picks up from the last episode, addressing the complexities and challenges faced by couples in different stages of marriage.

Drawing inspiration from the teachings of John Paul II, the Hernons continue to explore the delicate balance of giving and receiving in the context of marriage. They delve into the significance of wives receiving love and husbands actively leading, debunking misconceptions and offering practical insights for couples striving for a harmonious partnership.

Mike and Alicia share personal anecdotes and observations from their 30 years of marriage, providing a unique perspective on the dance of collaboration within marriage. The episode unfolds as a profound exploration of the beauty found in the messy and intricate tapestry of family life. Whether you’ve just joined the Messy Family Project community or have been a dedicated listener, this episode promises to deepen your understanding of headship and inspire intentional, loving partnerships.

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