Toys and imagination with Regina Doman

“Once a child plays with a toy, it becomes part of their soul, and you can't remove it without some degree of agony”

In this episode, we look into the world of toys, discussing their impact on children’s development and the importance of purposeful and intentional choices in selecting toys for our families. Our special guest, Regina Doman, shares valuable insights into cultivating imagination, creativity, and responsibility in children through thoughtful toy choices.

As we explore the role of toys in shaping a child’s worldview, we reflect on the significance of simplicity, quality over quantity, and the benefits of open-ended toys like building blocks. We also touch upon the idea of rotating toys to keep a sense of novelty and excitement while minimizing clutter. Regina emphasizes the importance of recognizing the formative nature of the home environment and the valuable lessons children learn through play.

We address the common challenges parents face, such as dealing with violent play, and how to navigate these situations with wisdom and balance. To further enrich this discussion, Regina suggests checking out her article on Nova Natural, where she elaborates on her philosophy and approach to toys. We conclude with a prayer for parents, seeking God’s guidance and blessings in raising children who embrace the beauty of simplicity, creativity, and responsibility.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploration and reflection. May God bless your families abundantly, and until next time, may the Lord bless you and keep you.


Conversation Starters:

  1. What were some  of our favorite childhood toys to play with? 
  2. What kind of toys do I hate?  
  3. How do we see the role of imagination in the lives of our children?