Men, Women, and Marriage

“You are called to have great hearts here, counter-cultural and brave.  You can build something better, freer, more generous, and nobler, beginning in your own home.” – Bishop Thomas Olmstead, Complete My Joy 59

Man and woman coming together to build a home is a natural experience that has happened over and over again since the creation of the world, but we need to keep learning about what marriage is for and how to nourish this essential communion.  In this interview with Mike and Sharon Phelan we discuss how marriage can be transformational in the lives of men and women and a path to the true flourishing of the individual.  The problems are coming from a culture that is lying to us and pointing us in all different directions.  We discuss the concept of “submission” and “headship” as well as NFP – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Join in this conversation and find wisdom from this Catholic couple.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Marriage is like ballroom dancing – without a leader, there is no dance.

  • Men need a mission!  And that mission should be to enable their wives to be a mother who is strong, beautiful and free. 

  • NFP unpacks the mystery of a woman’s body to her husband (and sometimes to herself!)

  • Following the Church’s teaching on marital sexuality changes us! Even if we don’t fully understand or agree, acting in a virtuous way promotes virtue.   

Couple Discussion:

  • How is does our marriage “dance” look right now?  How can we do this better? 

  • Are we in “awe” of our ability to bring children into the world?  How does this effect our marital relations? 

  • How can we learn more about the Church’s teaching on marriage and family? 



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