MFP 259: Handling Parenting Crises Like a Pro

“With careful planning, honest communication, and the right help and care around you, your different tomorrow can be meaningful and extraordinary.”― John Delony

Let’s be honest, family life is full of stress! Sometimes there are big stresses like the loss of a job, a new colicky baby in the house, overwhelming responsibilities, or marriage issues. But even the little stresses can add up! Moody teens, worries over a child’s academic performance, or even a messy house can lead parents to feel like “I just can’t take it.” What is a parent to do?  In this episode we take an honest look at anxiety in parenting and help parents to put it all in perspective.  The bottom line is, the longer we do this family thing, the more we realize that the problems never go away, but we simply see them differently now than we did before.  Listen in as we share our perspective to give every parent encouragement and hope for your future as we learn to put it all in God’s hands.


Key Takeaways:

  • Take back your life

  • Don’t get trapped in the weeds – lift your head up! 

  • Do the little things well – Atomic Habits

  • Every Yes needs to be protected by 1,000 No’s.  Prioritize your life

Couple Discussion:

  • When have I recently felt stressed? Has it become overwhelming?

  • Where do I need perspective and help from my spouse?

  • What are essential elements for our simple life plan to bring order?


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