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MFP 255: The Best Partner for a Great Marriage

Christ is present in a special way when a couple prays together.  They not only renew their yes to God, but also achieve a deeper union with each other, which springs solely from the union of hearts and couples in the sacrament of marriage. – Fr. Henri Caffarel

How can couples move their marriage from surviving to thriving, or from good to great? By making couple prayer a normal part of our marriage. Christian marriage is a supernatural endeavor, so that means that it is really not possible to have a successful marriage without Jesus!  Prayer between spouses isn’t just something you do, it is a gift from the two of you to Christ Himself.  It is acknowledging that Christ is the “glue” that keeps you together.   In this podcast we talk about how to incorporate prayer into your marriage, why it is so important, and how prayer can help you forge a deeper unity than you have ever had before.  Much of this conversation is discussing the writings of Fr. Henri Caffarel, founder of Teams of Our Lady.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Meditate on John 17:20-22
  • This is how you will build real unity in your marriage
  • Don’t let difficulties stop you – your marriage needs this!
  • Find your own way of praying but be sure to include the key elements of Praise, Forgiveness, Intercession, and Thanksgiving

Couple Discussion:

  • What is holding us back from prayer?
  • What is a time and place that we can pray together at least once a week?
  • Let’s make a plan. How do we feel comfortable bringing in the Key Elements of prayer?


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