MFP 252: Managing Relationships – Your Questions Answered!

Of course your children don’t get along. They don’t know how to get along! That’s kind of what you are doing as parents, teaching them what they don’t know – Mike and Alicia

All of us struggle to live in a community.  That is the human condition – we need other people but we also find it hard to live with them!  This is true for children, but also for adults. In this episode, we answer some questions that our listeners had about what to do when your kids fight with your friends’ kids, how to handle dividing up household responsibilities with your spouse, and what to do with adult children who are living at home.  It’s hard for kids to learn, but  it’s also hard for parents to know how to teach in a way that can be received. Listen into this conversation and take some time to discuss these important topics with your spouse.

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