MFP 216: Listener Questions – “The Witching Hour”, Wayward Adult Children, Child Development, and Simple Dinners!

Join us for a conversation that was inspired by our listeners’ needs! Our daughter Katie (with a guest appearance by baby Catalina!) joins us as a host to ask questions that have been sent to us by various families over the past few months.  In this episode we first talk about the time between dinner and bedtime, which we affectionately call the “witching hour”.  For some reason, it’s always a difficult time but there are strategies that we have used to make it better.  We also discuss the sad reality of adult children who have left the faith and how parents can respond to them.  In addition, we give some great places to go to find information about child development so parents can know how to create appropriate expectations and we end with some practical advice on simple dinners.  Listen in for some inspiration to help you on your great adventure!