Spiritual Life

A Mother’s Tale: Finding Freedom from Depression and Anxiety

“Anxiety results from assuming responsibility that God never intended. I need to play the part God meant for me.”

-Michele Doman

This is a very special podcast that takes you behind the origins of the Messy Family Project.  Many of the ideas, philosophies, and lessons that we teach come from the wisdom of the Church, and also from wisdom we have gained from others.  This show is an interview that Alicia did with her mom, Michele Doman, who taught her much of what she knows about parenting!  Michele shares some of her story growing up in Manhattan, NYC, living through the tragedies of the Vietnam War, the confusion in Church teaching after Vatican II and the struggles she experienced transitioning from being a successful student and professional to being a stay at home mom.  We believe the lessons she learned will help moms and dads out there see God’s faithfulness and love for them in any situation.