MFP 148: Bring Your Kids to Christ, an interview with Colin and Aimee MacIver

We are asked very often how parents can create an environment in the home that will keep their kids close to the faith. To help give parents even more resources for this, we decided to interview Colin and Aimee MacIver, who are both parents, teachers, and authors for Ascension Press. They have created resources for parents to help them catechize their children and also to communicate the beautiful truths found in the Theology of the Body. Both Colin and Aimee are kindred spirits who have a heart for teens and their parents. They bring a wealth of experience and wisdom that we think you will benefit from! Also, we discuss our upcoming free webinar and paid Family Board Meeting workshop designed to help parents create a game plan for their family as we begin 2021. Listen in!

Resources from Colin and Aimee:

The Catechist’s Field Guide to Confirmation by Colin MacIver 

Theology of the Body for Teens, Middle School Edition Colin & Aimee MacIver, contributors 

Baptism: Belonging in the Family of God, Parent’s Guide Colin & Aimee MacIver, authors 

Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike Schmitz