Your Family’s Unique Calling

Looking at the turmoil we are experiencing within our culture, we are becoming more and more convinced that we, Catholic families, have the answer that people are looking for.  People are searching for purpose, belonging and identity. How do we “share” our family with the world? Well, first we need to make sure we have our own house in order.  Examine your family culture, shore up the weak areas, and be intentional about the messages you are sending.  The motivation to have a vibrant family culture is so you can take it to the next level and act in the world according to the unique giftedness that your family has been given.  We are not all called to serve in the same way — we are all different!  When every family discovers their unique giftedness and then uses those gifts to respond to the call that God has put upon their hearts, God can establish His reign in the world.  Listen in to get motivated and learn how to discern the call that God has given to you.

Podcast references:   Build Your Family Culture,  Elements of a Family CultureGrowing a Family Culture Download

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