The Play + Pray Challenge

The Play and Pray Challenge is a way for us to spread the kingdom of Jesus Christ into every home in a fun, interactive way.  We have learned that if you are going to PRAY with your family, you need to PLAY with them!  This June from the 12th to the 21st, we are challenging families to do three things: Organize and execute an amazing FAMILY DAY, plan and go on a DATE NIGHT, and proclaim Jesus Christ as the KING OF THE HOME by placing the image of the Sacred Heart in their house and “enthroning” Him as King.  We want to make this a fun and rewarding experience for families, so we have created some resources to help you out. Go to our website to get our Play and Pray Challenge Kit.  We want this challenge to go viral, so spread the word to get other families to do it too!


Watch the video and sign up for the Play and Pray Challenge

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