Family Operations

“Wash the cup not because it is dirty, or because you are told to, but because you love the person who will use it after you.”

-St. Teresa of Calcutta

Very frequently people will email or write to us asking for our organization secrets, tips, or techniques. Our secret is.. We don’t really have one. We do have principles and a philosophy that we live by, but the perfect system of organization for our home still eludes us. But, what we can give you is an overall view of how we make decisions and communicate with our children on making our home run so children are clothed, fed, and get where they need to go (for the most part!).

Doing chores and managing schedules takes up much of our time as a family, but in the context of family culture, that is actually not the most important part of your family. Family operations needs to be seen in the context of your WHOLE family life and parents need to make sure the rest of the family culture is not neglected because so much energy is spent on our physical needs. Listen to the podcast, and then take a look as some of the resources that go with this podcast on our website. Also we have more practical tips listed on a blog post (Tips on Chores).

Great Products and Resources: Please use these links as the ministry gets a small commission if you sign up the free app or purchase any of books or products.  We love and use these:

This books was so helpful in our household management – Don Aslett’s Make Your House do the Housework

Also we have used this to help keep the Hernon army well fed. Perhaps you should consider Once a Month Cooking


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