MFP 001: Parenting as a path to heaven


Disclaimer: we are not experts! We're not doing this because we are experts: we just talk a lot! 😀

This is our very first podcast, and in it, we begin a conversation on marriage and parenting. It’s not just our conversation, because ultimately we want it to become YOUR conversation, a conversation between you and your spouse! This inaugural podcast demonstrates our basic approach to marriage, our parenting philosophy, and overall approach to family life. We tell the story of how we came to do this podcast. Our story involves how we learned the hard way that reading parenting books can be helpful, but if they drive a wedge between spouses, it’s not worth it~! When it comes to figuring out how to raise your kids, the grace of parenting comes through your marriage. God is giving you the grace to parent these specific kids through the sacrament you share with your spouse! Sometimes moms read and discuss more than dads about how to raise children, but fathers have instincts and insights into parenting that are also valid. We have seen moms burn themselves out for their children, but we have found it’s the wisdom of husbands to save us from ourselves. It’s more important to get on the same page with your spouse than to follow any one parenting philosophy. It’s better to be wrong together than to be right alone. The best gift you can give to your children is to love your spouse. We can sum up our philosophy like this: marriage and parenting is our path to heaven. Your marriage, not your children, should be the center of your family. When children realize that they are not the center of the universe but are born to be part of the little community of your family, that is so healthy and freeing for them! That’s where God will give you the grace to parent. So join the conversation!


Key Takeaways

  • The grace of parenting comes through the sacrament of marriage.
  • Your marriage should be the center of your family. Not your children! It’s not good for children to think they are the center of the universe.
  • The best way to be a great parent is to be a great spouse.
  • We don’t want to help you to survive motherhood, fatherhood, whatever! We want to help you thrive!
  • Don’t get stressed out thinking that it’s your job to make your children into saints: your children’s job is to make YOU into a saint!
  • Our vocation as a husband/wife/mom/dad is our path to holiness. We learn to die to ourselves.
  • It is your job to communicate your values to your children. Not to ensure that they retain them.
  • Also it is our job to communicate to your children that they are loved. This is why we discipline them.


Couple Discussion Questions

  1. How do you and your spouse approach parenting?
  2. How do you make decisions about your parenting?
  3. Are we on the same page with our parenting?
  4. How are we letting our children know that our marriage is the center of our family?
  5. Do we see our marriage and parenting as our seminary and path to holiness?
  6. How do we communicate our family’s values to our children?