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Scholarship a couple or a priest for the Getaway!

Your donation will be 100% directed to help defray or completely subsidize a couple or a priest join one of the Catholic Couple Getaways.  

We start the Catholic Couples Getaway because we believe that everything comes down to marriage, family, and faith, and we want couples' marriages and faith to be strong. Our world needs couples whose marriage is radiant and faith that is inspiring. We want to start a revolution of joyful Catholic couples!

That is the reason we are asking for your help. Would you help a Catholic couples getaway? Would you give couple the chance to focus on the most important thing in life- their vocation to your spouse.

Will you help us spread the word so even more couples can join our "Joyful Revolution"?

Will you join our mission to strengthen families and our Catholic faith?

With your support we will offer scholarships to those who would otherwise be unable to attend - couples who serve our country in the military or serve as missionaries or Church employees. Additionally if you would like you could scholarship a priest by paying the full cost of an additional priests' stay. If you'd like to make a donation to support our priests or couples who serve, please let us know!

All donations are tax deductible:

  • $1,000 - Partial scholarship for Rocky Mountain Getaway 
  • $2,000 Full scholarship for Rocky Mountain Getaway
  • $2,000 Partial Scholarship for Costa Rica Getaway
  • $3,000 Full scholarship for priest for Costa Rica Getaway
  • $4,500+ Full scholarship for couple for Costa Rica Getaway

Additional Giving Options:​

For donations by transfer of stock or IRA accounts, planned giving, matching gifts or any donation larger than listed, please contact us directly using our Contact form.

Donate by mail:

The Messy Family Project
117 S. Hollywood Blvd #140
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Make sure to include your email when you mail your donation so we can properly track your support and recognize your donation.