Women Wonderfully Made

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Preparing Your Daughter (and Yourself) for Adolescence​

The world constantly sends our daughters conflicting messages about what it means to be a woman! Mothers need tools to guide their daughters through this confusion and chaos, especially as their daughter’s bodies begin to experience changes. 

This special mother-daughter online course is designed to help you talk with your daughter about what’s ahead, to cut through the mixed messages, and to bring joy, anticipation, and even fun into the journey!

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If you’re like most moms, you need:

  • An easy way to talk to your daughter about growing into a woman
  • An “expert” to guide you so you hit all the important points
  • An excuse to spend quality time with your daughter
  • The wisdom of the Church to guide your conversations,

…the Women Wonderfully Made course is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The next course will be offered every Thursday evening starting March 7th from 7-8:15pm EST.

Over the course of five online sessions, Alicia will share age-appropriate insights into how our loving Father God designed a woman’s body to be the crown of creation, how our bodies grow and mature through entering into the menstrual cycle, and what this means for our health, our emotions, and our relationships. 

The Women Wonderfully Made course will encourage and empower you to have these important conversations with your daughter. And don’t worry, your daughter will WANT to come when there are games, crafts, and time together with you!

Whether your girl is in the throes of puberty or if you just want to prepare her for what’s ahead, Women Wonderfully Made will guide and equip YOU to give your daughter what she needs.

So join us for our next live Women Wonderfully Made

Talk with your daughter about what’s ahead, cut through the mixed messages, and bring joy, anticipation, and even fun into the journey of becoming a woman!

Our current course is full!

The good news is, more will be coming. To stay in the know, join the waitlist!

Course Overview

When you sign up for the live courses, you and your daughter will join Alicia and other participants on a Zoom session every Thursday night for five consecutive weeks.

Recorded sessions will be available if you need to miss a night.

Please note: There will be no class during Holy Week.

Wonderfully Made – Our Body’s Design

  • Female Anatomy
  • The Four Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle
  • Preparing for Your Cycle

The Care and Feeding of Emotions

  • Introduction to Hormones
  • Your emotions and Your cycle
  • Tracking Your cycle
  • Managing Your Emotions

Let’s Talk About Change

  • Physical Changes and ways to respond
  • Body Image

Caring for our Body, a Temple of the Holy Spirit

  • Nutrition Overview
  • Supporting Your Cycle
  • Exercise During Your Cycle
  • Cycle Abnormalities

Celebrating Womanhood!

  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Style Personalities
  • Your Community of Women

When you register for the live course, you’ll receive:

  • 5 talks by Alicia about God’s wonderful design for women’s bodies
  • Your very own WWM workbook with information, diagrams, and study questions
  • A laminated Personal Proverbs chart
  • A Book of Proverbs for your daughter to read and journal in
  • A blank scrapbook for you to make together for you to reflect on the course and review what you have learned
  • Some fun freebies!

Note: Participants in the USA will be mailed the physical materials. International participants will receive a materials list and digital course materials.