Family Board Meeting - LIVE!


Come to Steubenville to reset your family this Fall!

Families today are pulled in so many different directions. Soccer games, baseball practice, PTO meetings…you name it and we’re engaged in it, leaving a sense of frantic over-commitment.

We want to be intentional about raising our children, teaching and forming them in the values and virtues that are important to our families. But with all the chaos and running around, we fear that it’s impossible to find that intentionality.

We felt the same way years ago and wanted to find a solution.

If you’re like us, when we really needed to:

Forge greater unity in our marriage.
Clarify our vision for our family.
Figure out how to be intentional about what we committed to.
Create a step-by-step plan for our year!

…then the Family Board Meeting is the solution! And this time, we are inviting you to our home town so we can do it with you LIVE and in person! 

The Family Board Meeting, a tool that will give you the time and direction to affirm each other, dream about what you want your family to look like and set concrete goals to make that vision a reality.

You’ll learn how to take charge, to become the chief executive officers of your family. This role is so important in every earthly company, but even more so in the family!

More than ever, our world needs dynamic families, and that only happens when parents are intentional about building a Catholic family culture in their homes. You CAN be intentional about the direction your family is going and about the culture of your home. And the Family Board Meeting course will show you how!

Don’t let another year slip by without taking steps to be a more intentional, unified and peaceful family. Let go of the chaos and take back control of your life.


We want to help you take your marriage and family to a whole new level. This isn’t a marriage retreat, but it is a perfect starting place especially for those couples who may be on different pages regarding finances, faith, or parenting. We can help you start these conversations productively and with unity as the goal!

Live Weekend Course Overview

  • Friday evening session with wine and cheese to give you time to meet other couples and start the reset!
  • Saturday daytime sessions to learn the process and discover YOUR unique values
  • Saturday evening session includes dinner, drinks, and a fun social with other Catholic couples
  • Sunday morning we will wrap up and make sure you have all you need to do the FBM successfully
  • All weekend Mike and Alicia will be there for all presentations, Q&A, mentoring, and socializing. 

When you register for this special weekend, you'll get:

  • Dedicated time for you and your spouse to talk about what matters most
  • Interactive, engaging presentations that will teach you how to create game plan for your family
  • Binder with worksheets and summaries of the FBM process
  • All meals and drinks for the weekend  (except lunch on Saturday)
  • One on one mentoring from Mike and Alicia and special guests
  • Connection with other Catholic parents just like you who are journeying together!

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