3 Parenting Truths You Need to Adopt

When it comes to parenting truths or mantras to live by, we have a few of our own. But recently, we heard three parenting truths that we believe you need to adopt!

We recently interviewed a couple who have a child with special needs and while their perspective was one that, of course, came from parenting their particular children, we found that their advice could really apply to all parents.

We found that their advice was so profound that we wanted to share it with you.


Truth #1: You’re Not Alone

Parenting can feel isolating for many reasons: special needs, having few children in a community with lots of large families, family circumstances like a new town or being in the military.

Even if you aren’t actually isolated, you can feel that way, especially when things are new. The truth is that you are never alone. The Lord provides in amazing ways. He is always with us, sometimes even in the form of a friend.

We’ve found that when we’re feeling isolated, we’ve unintentionally separated ourselves from our community. Of course, that’s not always the case. But when we take a hard look, we have to admit that a lot of times, we haven’t reached out to friends or haven’t responded when they’ve reached out to us.

That might not be the case for you, but when we feel isolated, the best thing we’ve done is pray and then reach out to a friend. Talk to someone you might not know at your parish and invite them for coffee and a playdate. Call a family member and invite them for a visit. Google support groups or local moms’ groups that fit your needs or situation.

Be proactive in combating loneliness and isolation. If you don’t reach out, those closest to you may not be able to tell that you feel that way.


Truth #2: What You Do Matters

I’m sure you’ve been there too: the laundry and dishes are piling up, the toys are everywhere and the baby is crying. You soothe the baby while picking up the ever-hazardous legos. The baby finally falls asleep and you start on the dishes only to hear those legos get dumped once again, waking the baby.

It’s like you never did anything. It’s not even that someone didn’t notice, it’s that it didn’t stick long enough to be noticed.

While your silent work seems to go unnoticed, the truth is that you’re making a difference.

Every shirt you fold and dish you wash is done for love of the people who used it. So whether anyone notices or not, it matters.


Truth #3: God Loves You

This is probably the biggest parenting truth we could share and while it might not be a practical tip, it really is the most profound: God loves you no matter what.

On a good parenting day or a bad one, God loves you. It doesn’t matter what you do, nothing will change that.

We can’t earn it, change it or lose it: God’s love always endures.


When it comes to parenting truths, we’re positive that family life is messy and that sometimes it’s best to fake it til you make it. But these parenting truths that we learned when we interviewed our friends have really stuck with us. We hope that they stick with you too.

If you’d like to listen to the interview we referenced, check out the podcast episode here.