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We are committed to empowering parents to embrace their sacred calling and one way we do that is through our in person events.  Mike and Alicia can come and host a half day, full day, or weekend workshop for the parents in your area.  The focus of these events is to point couples towards each other and to facilitate the crucial conversations that they need to have to strengthen their family life.  All events include professional presentations by Mike and Alicia, powerpoints, Q&A session, and handouts for the couples.  

With years of speaking all over the world, we have found that couples are hungry for engagement on the various topics that affect marriage and family life.

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How we can serve you…

Messy Family University, a weekend workshop

During these sessions offered Friday evening and all day Saturday, couples will be introduced to the Four Disciplines, the foundation of Catholic family life.  Workbook, mentoring, registration, and promotional materials are included! Visit our Messy Family University Page to learn more information about this signature course.  

Or...Create your own event!

Choose from the following talks:

There are two contradictory realities. Families are the hope of the Church and the sign of God’s love for humanity AND they are messy! In this talk, we hope to reconcile these two ideas by offering what we call The Four Disciplines. We have found that these principles are hallmarks of effective, strong families.  Living these disciplines will look different for every family because just as each person is unrepeatable, every family is unrepeatable and absolutely unique! There is not only one way to be a Catholic family, but there are foundational principles that every family can focus on and prioritize. As we outline each discipline, we will explain why it is essential, give examples of different ways families live it out, and offer some conversation starters for couples to discover how these disciplines should be lived out in their unique situations.  

It is a myth that there is a perfect way to be a parent.  The reality is that every family, every couple, every child is different but when parents work together, they can figure it out.  Sharing wisdom borne from experience, Mike and Alicia share practical advice, encouragement, and tools to enable spouses to embrace the sacred calling of being a Catholic parent.

The grace to be a mother or father comes from the Sacrament of Marriage.  Realizing this is the first step to become an effective parent.  When parents strengthen their marriage they are able to love their children more effectively and create a community of faith and love within the home.   In this session, Mike and Alicia remind couples of the beauty of marriage, give practical ways to renew the well and demonstrate the effect marriage has on the culture within the family.

Creating a Family Culture is a powerful way to influence our children in a way that goes beyond our relationship with any one individual child.  It is greater than just you or your spouse. Family Culture is the unspoken system that binds your family together and communicates your expectations, beliefs, and values more powerfully than any written word.  Mike and Alicia will share with couples the five elements of family culture and how to make a plan to intentionally strengthen these elements in your home. 

The deepest desire of many Catholic parents is to pass on the faith to their children,  but, according to many statistics, upwards of two-thirds of young people are leaving the faith.  It’s obvious that parents are facing an uphill battle and they must be intentional about the evangelization of their children. But what is the secret formula for success? What does it look like to be an evangelizing parent? In this talk Mike and Alicia will share some perspective and encouragement on parent’s primary responsibility, to be the spiritual leaders in their home.

The beginning of adolescence is in many ways a “rebirth” of the child, and when this “rebirth” happens, many parents feel as if they are learning how to be a parent all over again!  This is the great journey from childhood to adulthood and it is not always an easy road for parent or child.  But God always gives the grace parents need, and Mike and Alicia remind parents of this fact.  They also give empathy and guidance on how to successfully navigate the tween and teen years by modeling for children the behavior they wish to see in them and investing in the relationship on a deeper level.

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